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Hear What Others Have Already Said About Goalie Mindset Secrets
"These secrets Pete teaches have helped me have greater control over myself and my emotions, on and off the ice."
 — Ottawa Senator Dylan Ferguson
"I've been working with Pete since I was 16 years old. And as a result, I am in more control of my game."
— Canadian Olympian Kristen Campbell
"Applying Pete's secrets has already made incredible improvements in my game and how I think about myself."
 — Edmonton Oilers Stuart Skinner

"I've read this book multiple times and it has 7 really solid points in here!"
— #1 Ranked Goalie at 2023 NHL Draft 
Carson Bjarnason
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my
best selling book to your doorstep!
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Bonus #1 - 5 Minute Visualization Audio
"This Is The Exact Visualization Training I Take My Pro Clients Through Before Every Game!"
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Click play on the audio before each game to feel totally confident!

It'll give you the same feeling as making a few big saves in a row!

One of the main things confidence comes from is the images in your head and this audio puts confident building images in your head!
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Bonus #2 - Pre Game Preparation System
"This System Is The Best Way To Prepare Your Mind For A Game And Increase Your Ability To Perform At Your Best!"
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Utilizing this proven pre game prep system can make a BIG difference in your on ice performance and consistency

This system can be used by any goalie to enhance performance!

And the best part of this pre-game system is when you add it to your game and your results will be limitless.
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Bonus #3 - Bounceback Session Video
"This Video Is Designed To Teach You How To Bounceback After A Goal So You're In The Right Mindset To Stop The Next One!"
Total Value: $300.00
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NOTE: If you already stop every puck... you can skip this bonus.

Yet, the #1 question I get daily from goalies is how do I bounceback powerfully from a goal?

This video will show you how to use your body and mind to feel JUST AS CONFIDENT after a goal as before one. You will learn to control your confidence.
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